Sunnyvale Pecan Orchard
Our famous  Texas Golden Pecans  &  Pick-Your-Own place
The "Pick-Your-Own" Place
Sage Pecan Farm 
DBA  Sunnyvale Pecan Orchard
137 Rebecca Rd.
Sunnyvale, Texas 75182

Office Phone:

Cell Phone: 

The Sage Pecan Farm is listed on any search engine like google found on the internet as Sunnyvale Pecan Orchard and or Sage Pecan Farm.

2015 PECAN CROP: We will be "CLOSED THIS SEASON" due to poor crop production.  Please call or check our web site for future updates. 
2015 Current Market Prices for fresh pecans are:

$     per lb. less than 50lbs 
$    per lb. more than 50lbs.

In shell Retail & Wholesale
$    per lb. less than 50lbs.  
$    per lb. more than 50lbs.

Pecan  Cracking
$    per lb SPO house pecans
$     per lb outside orchard pecans

At the Sunnyvale Pecan Orchard you will discover some of the best paper shell pecans in Texas.  

We are only 15 minutes from downtown Dallas, Texas which means, saving time & gasoline.

Our rural country setting sets us apart from many other orchards in the region: Beautiful sunset; Wildlife; Mounds of delicious pecans...parked just right under the trees.....just ripe for easy picking.  Kids can even watch the actual "shaking of the trees" with harvesting equipment.

Inside estrooms are not available for public use.
A Portapot is available.

We are an
 "Appointment Only" orchard that is subject to weather conditions. The orchard floor can be wet for 3-5 days after a rain.  Please call before coming to orchard.

For entry into our orchard, please call:

Office: 972-226-1251   
Cell: 972-226-7243

Mike & Dianna Sage, Owners

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